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Honoring Jim Walberg

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Hello, my name is Jim Walberg, and at 76 years old, I stand before you as a cancer THRIVER.

My journey with cancer began in 2001 with prostate cancer, followed by a battle to save my colon in 2004. The year that followed saw me spend nearly five months at UCSF Med-Center, where a dedicated team of doctors fought tirelessly to save my life. I flatlined several times during that challenging period, and four months into the struggle, the doctors delivered a disheartening message to my wife—they couldn't fathom a way forward, and I was not expected to celebrate any more birthdays.

But here I am today, a testament to the incredible power of prayer, an unwavering medical team, and a wife who refused to let me surrender. When faced with the grim prognosis, my wife posed a question that altered the trajectory of my life. She asked, "You promised me we would have 50 years together, and I want to know if you are a man of your word?" I looked into her eyes and affirmed, "Yes, I am a man of my word." This marked the beginning of a six-year marathon involving four more surgeries and continuous complications—a journey that transformed me into the THRIVER I am today.

I'm proud to share that for the past 14 years, I haven't been hospitalized for cancer-related issues, and I've celebrated 20 extra birthdays. Each of us gathered here today has been given the gift of more time, signifying our shared responsibility to continue our service to others and our commitment to eradicating cancer while enhancing treatment protocols.

As this year's honoree, I express my gratitude and extend an invitation for you to join me in supporting the Agents Against Cancer Event on April 15, 2024. Let our collective dedication accelerate progress in critical areas of discovery, advocacy, and patient support. Together, let's propel the fight against cancer forward, ensuring a future where more stories like mine can be told, and more lives can be transformed.

About Jim

Meet Jim, a husband, a dad, a community volunteer, an athlete, a wine detective, a sailor, a passport stamp junkie, a cancer thriver AND a California real estate veteran consistently ranked in the Top 1%. With decades of experience, Jim excels in luxury sales and is a recognized expert in equestrian and country properties. In 2013, he co-founded The Bay Area Team, now part of Compass, bringing a wealth of expertise to upscale properties in Europe and the Caribbean.

A Redondo Beach native and a Danville resident since 1970, Jim is deeply rooted in his community. Together with his wife, Ann Marie, they celebrate life daily with three adult children, dear friends, and valued clients.

Jim's success is built on connecting extraordinary properties with extraordinary lives. His passion lies in guiding clients through major financial decisions, ensuring a seamless and satisfying real estate experience. Join Jim on the journey to find your dream property and experience personalized, professional real estate service at its best.

Jim is further distinguished as;


  • Among the "The 200 Real Estate Influencers" by Inman News.

  • One of the "21 Most Interesting People in Real Estate" by Inman News.

  • Recipient of the "Philanthropist of the Year Award" from Who's Who In Luxury Real Estate.

  • A Founding Member of Realm Global - A globally connected real estate community from the top Realtors in the world.



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